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ClinicalTrialsCovid - Class in com.covidresearchtrials.ct.list
Class to access clinical trials related to COVID-19 All content is from Reference:
clinicalTrialsHasVaccine(String) - Method in class com.covidresearchtrials.ct.vaccine.VaccineToClinicalTrials
Is this clinical trial related to vaccines?
com.covidresearchtrials.ct.drugs - package com.covidresearchtrials.ct.drugs
com.covidresearchtrials.ct.hpo - package com.covidresearchtrials.ct.hpo
com.covidresearchtrials.ct.list - package com.covidresearchtrials.ct.list
com.covidresearchtrials.ct.mesh - package com.covidresearchtrials.ct.mesh
com.covidresearchtrials.ct.outcome - package com.covidresearchtrials.ct.outcome
com.covidresearchtrials.ct.vaccine - package com.covidresearchtrials.ct.vaccine
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