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D000856 Anorexia Nervosa NIH 1.00
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Clinical Trials

1 Reorganization of Care in Patients Hospitalized in Child Psychiatry for Anorexia Nervosa at the Time of the Coronavirus-19 Epidemic in France: Qualitative Study Carried Out on Patients and Their Parents

Anorexia nervosa is a severe psychiatric condition. On the nutritional level, one of the objectives recommended by the High Authority of Health is to "achieve and maintain an appropriate weight and nutritional status". It is recommended that, in the event of hospitalisation, this should be "as long as necessary" and be based on a weight contract as a condition for discharge. Within the Pôle Universitaire de Psychiatrie de l'Enfant et de l'Adolescent of the Centre Psychothérapique de Nancy, an inpatient unit takes care of children and adolescents with a specific valence in the management of patients suffering from eating disorders. Since the first quarter of 2020, France has been progressively affected by the pandemic of the coronavirus 2019, Covid-19. This pandemic has led to unprecedented containment measures in France and around the world. At the time of the announcement of the implementation of containment, the investigators proposed to the parents of patients hospitalized in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department of the Nancy Psychotherapy Center who were approaching their discharge weight to be able to end their hospitalization prematurely. As a follow-up to this hospitalisation, intensive outpatient care was offered to the families, in accordance with State recommendations in connection with the pandemic. In this hospitalized unit, weekly outpatient consultations were maintained and coupled with telephone interviews, teleconsultation interviews and a telephone hotline for the healthcare team. The objective of the study is to explore, in a qualitative way, the experiences of patients hospitalized in the child psychiatry department for anorexia nervosa at the time of the coronavirus epidemic in France and those of their parents, in relation to the reorganization of care.

NCT04387708 Anorexia Nervosa
MeSH:Anorexia Anorexia Nervosa

Primary Outcomes

Description: Analyzing the discourse content regarding the experiences related to changes in the care of patients with anorexia nervosa hospitalized in a child and adolescent psychiatric ward in Nancy, France, and their parents, in the context of the Covid-19 crisis.

Measure: Content analysis concerning the reorganization of care for children or adolescent and thier parents

Time: 1 interview for each participant during 45 minutes

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