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HP:0002293: Alopecia of scalpHPO

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drug174 Blood plasma Wiki 1.00
drug193 CAG length <24 Wiki 1.00
drug194 CAG length >=24 Wiki 1.00

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D000505 Alopecia NIH 1.00

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There is one clinical trial.

Clinical Trials

1 In-vitro Diagnostic Test to Predict COVID-19 Mortality and Disease Severity

The COVID-19 Androgen Sensitivity Test is a non-invasive In-Vitro Diagnostic device that utilizes Next Generation Sequencing Technology (NGS). The results of the test are used by a physician to assess the risk of developing severe symptoms following COVID-19 infection, The COVID-19 Androgen Sensitivity Test requires a health care professional to collect a DNA sample using an FDA cleared DNA sample collection kit.

NCT04368897 SARS-CoV 2 COVID COVID-19 Androgenetic Alopecia Androgen Receptor Abnormal Androgen Deficiency Diagnostic Test: CAG length <24 Diagnostic Test: CAG length >=24
HPO:Alopecia Alopecia of scalp Frontal balding

Primary Outcomes

Description: Defined as 28 days minus the number of days from randomization to discharge home. If a patient has not been discharged home prior to day 28 or dies prior to day 28, hospital free days will be zero.

Measure: Hospital-free days to Day 28 [ Time Frame: 28 days]

Time: 28 days

Description: Defined as discharged, hospitalization, admission to intensive care unit [ICU] and death

Measure: 1. Severity of Disease

Time: Day 28

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