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HP:0030127: EndometriosisHPO

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D004715 Endometriosis NIH 1.00

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Clinical Trials

1 Endometriosis Patients Covid 19 Anxiety

It is aimed to measure the general anxiety and lifestyle information of endometriosis patients about covid 19 pandemic, to evaluate anxiety levels in this period.

NCT04337346 Endometriosis Covid19

Primary Outcomes

Description: The Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI); it measures the frequency of anxiety symptoms experienced by the patient. It consists of 21 questions in total. Each item gets an increasing score between 0-3. The total score ranges from 0 - 63. The following guidelines are recommended for the interpretation of scores: 0 -9, normal or no anxiety; 10 -18, mild to moderate anxiety; 19 -29, moderate to severe anxiety; and 30 - 63, severe anxiety.

Measure: Covid 19 Anxiety levels in Endometriosis Patients

Time: 20 days

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