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HP:0004395: MalnutritionHPO

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D044342 Malnutrition NIH 1.00
D014777 Virus Diseases NIH 0.14

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Clinical Trials

1 Covid-19 and Prevention of Malnutrition After Confinement by Dentists: Prospective Study Among 100 Adults Received in Dental Consultation at Nice University Hospital and Sent to Their Physician for Assessment and Nutritional Care

Background. The Covid-19 pandemic reached France in January 2020 and the French government decreed the confinement of the population for eight weeks, from March 17 to May 10, 2020. Dental surgeries were closed and only dental emergency services were provided. Dental surgeries reopened on May 11th, with a limited focus on urgent care, by applying new occupational hygiene standards to limit the circulation of SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus. Hypothesis. From May 11th, chronic patients and elderly patients who come to the hospital for dental consultations will have two risks of malnutrition:

NCT04386460 Nutrition Poor Infection Viral Oral Disease
MeSH:Malnutrition Virus Diseases

Primary Outcomes

Description: Body Mass Index evolution from baseline

Measure: Body Mass Index

Time: 1 Month

Description: Body Mass Index evolution from baseline

Measure: Body Mass Index

Time: 3 Months

Secondary Outcomes

Description: Usual weight at baseline vs weight before confinement (gk)

Measure: Weight changes during confinement

Time: 8 weeks

Description: number and type of nutritional supplements from baseline

Measure: prescription of nutritional supplements and observance

Time: 3 months

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