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HP:0100749: Chest painHPO

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Correlated Drug Terms (13)

Name (Synonyms) Correlation
drug547 Hydroxychloroquine, Clindamycin, Primaquine - low dose. Wiki 1.00
drug546 Hydroxychloroquine, Clindamycin, Primaquine - high dose. Wiki 1.00
drug545 Hydroxychloroquine, Clindamycin Wiki 1.00
drug316 Convalescent Serum Wiki 1.00
drug356 Delayed diagnostics Anyplex TMII RV16 Detection Wiki 1.00
drug544 Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin Wiki 1.00
drug589 Interferon-Alpha2B Wiki 1.00
drug943 Rapid diagnostics using Anyplex TMII RV16 Detection Wiki 1.00
drug548 Hydroxychloroquine, Doxycycline Wiki 1.00
drug650 Losartan Wiki 0.38
drug697 Methylprednisolone Wiki 0.33
drug957 Remdesivir Wiki 0.30
drug1168 Tocilizumab Wiki 0.23

Correlated MeSH Terms (3)

Name (Synonyms) Correlation
D005335 Fever of Unknown Origin NIH 1.00
D002637 Chest Pain NIH 1.00
D004417 Dyspnea NIH 0.45

Correlated HPO Terms (1)

Name (Synonyms) Correlation
HP:0002098 Respiratory distress HPO 0.45

There is one clinical trial.

Clinical Trials

1 The Impact of Respiratory Pathogen PCR Assay on Treatment of Adult Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Viral respiratory infections are common and often require use of health care resources. Patients receive inappropriate bacterial antibiotics, which has many problems including side-effects, development of resistance and costs. A small portion of the infections leads to severe clinical manifestations including hospitalisations and deaths. The significance of influenza virus is well known and it is actively detected in all age groups. However, the benefits of detecting other respiratory viruses have mainly been studied among children but not among adults. The development of multiplex PCR technique has provided a new and sensitive method for diagnosing a large panel of viruses. To convince the economical benefits of the rapid viral diagnostic in adult infectious patient, more evidence is needed. In our randomized study, nasal and pharyngeal samples from the patients evaluated at the emergency clinic of internal medicine in the University Hospital of Oulu because of any respiratory symptom, chest pain or fever, will be collected. The samples will be tested for 16 different respiratory viruses by using Anyplex TMII RV16 Detection. The adult participants will be randomized in two groups. In one group the results of the testing will be reported for the attending physician as soon as possible, and in the other group 7 days after sampling. The effect of this delay to patient care is monitored. Also the results of children and adults are compared as well as results of men and women. The hypothesis is that rapid viral diagnostics shortens the length of admission and diminishes the use of bacterial antibiotics. New information on the viral epidemiology among children and adults is provided and clinical manifestations of specific viral infections in adults are described. The estimated 1500 samples are also tested for 5 different respiratory bacteria by Anyplex TM II RB5 Detection. These results will be examined after completion of the study period. The benefits of rapid bacterial detection are evaluated in respect to the clinical course of the disease and considering the infection control aspects as well.

NCT02538770 Respiratory Virus Infection Fever of Unknown Origin Dyspnea Chest Pain Other: Rapid diagnostics using Anyplex TMII RV16 Detection Other: Delayed diagnostics Anyplex TMII RV16 Detection
MeSH:Dyspnea Chest Pain Fever of Unknown Origin
HPO:Chest pain Dyspnea Respiratory distress

Primary Outcomes

Description: The number of days in hospital within one month after randomization

Measure: Duration of hospitalization

Time: One month

Description: Number of days on antimicrobials within one month after randomization

Measure: Antimicrobial consumption

Time: One month

Description: Defined daily doses of antimicrobial agents within one month after randomization

Measure: Antimicrobial consumption

Time: One month

Secondary Outcomes

Measure: Number of radiological examinations

Time: One month

Measure: Cost of other examinations in hospital

Time: One month

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