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drug850 Placebo Wiki 0.09

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D011014 Pneumonia NIH 0.07

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HP:0002090 Pneumonia HPO 0.07

There is one clinical trial.

Clinical Trials

1 Efficacy of Intravenous Almitrine in Reducing the Need for Mechanical Ventilation in Patients With Hypoxemic Acute Respiratory Failure Due to Covid-19-related Pneumonia: a Randomized Controlled Double-blind Study From the Skip-icu Consortium

The COVID-19 outbreak is associated with a surge in ICU bed requirement and substantial mortality (estimated between 0.5% and 3.6%). Admission in the intensive care unit (ICU) and need for mechanical ventilation is reportedly associated with an estimated hospital mortality of more than 30%. Furthermore, the surge in ICU bed requirement is a worldwide-shared issue, leading to sub-optimal ICU management. In acute respiratory failure due to COVID-19-related pneumonia, vasoplegia with vascular enlargement inside the lung lesions and dilation of small vessels seen on chest CT scan largely account for severe hypoxemia whose physiological response is hyperventilation leading to hypocapnia. Almitrine, initially described to reduce intrapulmonary shunt by enhancement of hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction in combination with inhaled nitric oxide (iNO), redistributes pulmonary blood flow from shunt areas to lung units with normal ventilation/perfusion (VA/Q) ratio. Low dose of intravenous almitrine (2 µ alone also improves oxygenation (without combination with iNO) by selective pulmonary vasoconstriction of precapillary pulmonary arteries perfusing lung areas exposed to a hypoxic challenge with a slight increase in mean arterial pulmonary. Therefore, our hypothesis is that 5 days of low dose of almitrine therapy may improve the ventilation-perfusion (VA/Q) ratio at a relatively early stage of this specific lung disease and limit respiratory worsening and subsequent need for mechanical ventilation.

NCT04357457 Covid 19 Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure Drug: Almitrine Drug: Placebo
MeSH:Pneumonia Respiratory Insufficiency

Primary Outcomes

Description: Endotracheal intubation within 7 days after randomization Death will be considered as a failure (endotracheal intubation).

Measure: Rate of endotracheal intubation

Time: 7 days

Secondary Outcomes

Measure: 28-day mortality

Time: 28 days

Measure: In-hospital mortality

Time: 28-day

Measure: Number of ventilator-free days

Time: 28 days

Measure: Number of days in the ICU

Time: 28 days

Measure: Number of days in the hospital

Time: 28 days

Description: safety assessment: discontinuation rate of the treatment for arterial lactate more than 4 mmol/L, ALT/AST levels greater than 3 times the upper limit, and diagnosis of pulmonary arterial hypertension or acute cor pulmonale documented by echocardiography.

Measure: Discontinuation rate of the treatment

Time: 28 days

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