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drug1074 Standard screening strategy Wiki 1.00
drug413 Equipment with smartwatch throughout hospital stay on the general ward Wiki 1.00

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D003141 Communicable Diseases NIH 0.11
D011014 Pneumonia NIH 0.07
D007239 Infection NIH 0.07
D045169 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome NIH 0.06
D018352 Coronavirus Infections NIH 0.05

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HP:0002090 Pneumonia HPO 0.07

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Clinical Trials

1 Identification of a New Screening Strategy for 2019 Novel Coronavirus Infection

Since Dec 2019, over 70000 novel coronavirus infection pneumonia (NCIP) patients were confirmed. 2019 novel coronavirus (2019 nCoV) is a RNA virus, which spread mainly from person-to-person contact. Most of the symptoms are non-specific, including fever, fatigue, dry cough. Sever NCIP patients may have shortness of breath and dyspnea, and progress to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS). The mortality is reported to be around 2.3%. Thus, early detection and early treatment is very important to the improvement of NCIP patients' prognosis. At present, NCIP RNA detection of pharyngeal swab specimen by RT-PCR is recommended. However, due to the universal susceptibility to 2019 nCoV in general population and limited number of NCIP RNA detection kits available, to identify an efficient screening strategy is urgently needed. This study aim to develop and validate the diagnostic accuracy and screening efficiency of a new NCIP screening strategy, which can benefit the disease prevention and control.

NCT04281693 Novel Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia Diagnostic Test: Standard screening strategy Diagnostic Test: New screening strategy
MeSH:Infection Communicable Diseases Coronavirus Infections Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Pneumonia

Primary Outcomes

Description: The screening accuracy of the two screening strategies were calculated and compared.

Measure: Screening accuracy

Time: 1 month

Secondary Outcomes

Description: The costs of the two screening strategies were recorded. Cost-effectiveness analysis were performed and compared.

Measure: Cost-effectiveness analysis

Time: 1 month

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