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Correlated Drug Terms (3)

Name (Synonyms) Correlation
drug1685 vv-ECMO only (no cytokine adsorption) Wiki 0.71
drug1684 vv-ECMO + cytokine adsorption (Cytosorb adsorber) Wiki 0.71
drug1453 Usual Care Wiki 0.50

Correlated MeSH Terms (3)

Name (Synonyms) Correlation
D011014 Pneumonia NIH 0.07
D045169 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome NIH 0.06
D018352 Coronavirus Infections NIH 0.05

Correlated HPO Terms (1)

Name (Synonyms) Correlation
HP:0002090 Pneumonia HPO 0.07

There is one clinical trial.

Clinical Trials

1 Pragmatic Trial Exploring Impact of Patient Positioning in the Management of Patients Infected With COVID-19: Supine vs. Prone

This study aims to determine if provider-recommended guidance on supine (on back) vs. prone (on stomach) positioning of patients testing positive for COVID-19 requiring supplemental oxygen, but not yet mechanically ventilated, improves outcomes in the inpatient setting. This study will be performed as a pragmatic clinical trial.

NCT04359797 COVID-19 Other: Prone Other: Usual Care

Primary Outcomes

Description: The highest level of support on the 5th day after enrollment according to the following scale adjusted for patient status at enrollment according to the same scale and ranked by mean FIO2 within each category, as appropriate. Death ECMO Mechanical ventilation (ranked by mean FIO2) Non-invasive ventilation such as BiPAP (ranked by mean FIO2) High flow nasal cannula, e.g. Optiflow, Vapotherm or other similar device (titrated by FiO2%) (ranked by mean FIO2) Standard nasal cannula (titrated by L/min up to 15 L/min) or face mask (ranked by mean FIO2) Room air

Measure: Modified WHO Ordinal Scale

Time: 5 days post-randomization

Secondary Outcomes

Description: Mean FIO2 over the first 5 days

Measure: Mean FIO2

Time: First 5 days post-randomization

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