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drug90 Anti-coronavirus antibodies (immunoglobulins)obtained with DFPP from convalescent patients Wiki 1.00

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D053717 Pneumonia, Ventilator-Associated NIH 0.35
D011014 Pneumonia NIH 0.07
D045169 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome NIH 0.06
D018352 Coronavirus Infections NIH 0.05

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HP:0002090 Pneumonia HPO 0.07

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Clinical Trials

1 Effectiveness of Video-Based Exercises on Physical and Emotional Well-Being During COVID-19 Induced Social Isolation

Both influenza and coronaviruses cause respiratory infections, which can lead to morbidity and mortality, especially in those who are immunocompromised or not immune to viruses (Zhu). Physical exercise has many effects on the human body, including the immune system. Moderate exercise appears to have a beneficial effect on immune function, which can protect against upper respiratory infections. Human being is a social entity by nature and social isolation can negatively affect individuals' psychology. There are many studies examining the effect of physical activity on the mental state of people. The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests individual protection measures such as establishing necessary hygienic conditions, ensuring social isolation and keeping immune system strong against the complications that may develop due to Coronavirus.Human being is a social entity by nature and social isolation can negatively affect individuals' psychology. There are many studies examining the effect of physical activity on the mental state of people. Different theories which claims the psychological improvements resulting from the increased levels of physical activity have also been proposed in the literature.Regular aerobic exercise and walking can not only improve the emotional state of the individuals, but may also affect the mental health by avoiding the negative thoughts and adapting to stress. The aim of this study is to increase the physical activity level, psychological condition and physical well-being with video-based exercises.

NCT04335851 Social Isolation Physical Ina Physical Inactivity Well-Being Other: Video based aerobic exercise

Primary Outcomes

Description: The WHOQOL-BREF instrument comprises 26 items, which measure the following broad domains: physical health, psychological health, social relationships, and environment. Turkish version of WHOQoL- BREF will be used in the study.The WHOQOL-BREF produces a quality of life profile. It is possible to derive four domain scores. There are also two items that are examined separately: question 1 asks about an individual's overall perception of quality of life and question 2 asks about an individual's overall perception of their health. The four domain scores denote an individual's perception of quality of life in each particular domain. Domain scores are scaled in a positive direction (i.e. higher scores denote higher quality of life). The mean score of items within each domain is used to calculate the domain score.

Measure: World Health Organization Quality of Life Questionnaire Bref

Time: 2 months

Secondary Outcomes

Description: Rapid Assessment of Physical Activity (RAPA) is an easy-to-use form which assesses both aerobic and strength & flexibility exercise levels. Turkish version of RAPA will be used in the study. The RAPA questionnaire is based on a scale of 1-7 measuring the amount and intensity and duration of physical activity that a person does. A score of 5 or below signifies sub-optimal physical activity and that of 6 or above signifies optimal physical activity. The activities are divided into light, moderate and vigorous activities.

Measure: Rapid Assessment of Physical Activity

Time: 2 months

Description: The effectiveness of the exercise will also be evaluated with the Global Rating of Change scale (GRC). GRC scales have short administration time, applicability to nearly all patient and healthy group. In the study -point scale will be used. It is ranging from -2 (very much worse), through 0 (unchanged) to +2 (much better).

Measure: Global Rating of Change Scale

Time: 2 months

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