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  • HP:0000717: Autism
  • Pneumonia (361) Abnormality of the cardiovascular system (36) Respiratory tract infection (36) Neoplasm (29) Hypoxemia (28) Diabetes mellitus (25) Depressivity (24) Thromboembolism (23) Acute kidney injury (22) Abnormal lung morphology (21) Anosmia (19) Hypertension (18) Abnormality of coagulation (15) Pulmonary embolism (15) Pulmonary fibrosis (15) Stroke (14) Arthritis (14) Interstitial pneumonitis (14) Myocardial infarction (12) Type II diabetes mellitus (12) Deep venous thrombosis (11) Rheumatoid arthritis (10) Leukemia (10) Respiratory distress (10) Low levels of vitamin D (10) Behavioral abnormality (9) Mental deterioration (9) Chronic pain (9) Congestive heart failure (8) Myocarditis (8) Type I diabetes mellitus (8) Sepsis (8) Infertility (7) Abnormality of the liver (7) Lymphopenia (7) Inflammation of the large intestine (7) Pulmonary obstruction (7) Pulmonary insufficiency (7) Immunodeficiency (6) Systemic lupus erythematosus (6) Chronic pulmonary obstruction (6) Abnormality of the gastrointestinal tract (6) Neoplasm of the lung (6) Encephalopathy (5) Obesity (5) Lymphoma (5) Autoimmunity (5) Breast carcinoma (5) Disseminated intravascular coagulation (5) Fatigue (5) Abnormality of the kidney (4) Coronary artery atherosclerosis (4) Cardiac arrest (4) Headache (4) Colon cancer (4) Arrhythmia (4) Carcinoma (4) Hypercoagulability (4) Autistic behavior (3) Seizure (3) Cardiomyopathy (3) Dysphagia (3) Migraine (3) Pulmonary arterial hypertension (3) Asthma (3) Bronchiectasis (3) Neoplasm of the pancreas (3) Psoriasiform dermatitis (3) Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (3) Cutaneous melanoma (3) Neoplasm of head and neck (3) Pulmonary edema (3) Insomnia (3) Neoplasm of the large intestine (3) Renal insufficiency (2) Hypogeusia (2) Hearing impairment (2) Abnormality of the eye (2) Visual impairment (2) Conjunctivitis (2) Psychosis (2) Autism (2) Dementia (2) Abnormality of the endocrine system (2) Abnormality of the thyroid gland (2) Jaundice (2) Hepatic fibrosis (2) Premature birth (2) Abnormal heart morphology (2) Abnormality of blood and blood-forming tissues (2) Fever (2) Diarrhea (2) Hypothermia (2) Neurodegeneration (2) Abnormal intestine morphology (2) Alopecia of scalp (2) Encephalitis (2) Obstructive sleep apnea (2) Male infertility (2) Stillbirth (2) Paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (2) Lymphoid leukemia (2) Myeloproliferative disorder (2) Chronic lymphatic leukemia (2) Renal cell carcinoma (2) Multiple myeloma (2) Abnormal anterior horn cell morphology (2) Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (2) Sleep apnea (2) Cystoid macular edema (2) Hemeralopia (2) Arteritis (2) Chronic kidney disease (2) Cervix cancer (2) Cholangitis (2) Cholangiocarcinoma (2) Myositis (2) Neuroendocrine neoplasm (2) Neoplasm of the rectum (2) Mania (2) Nephritis (1) Menorrhagia (1) Conductive hearing impairment (1) Cataract (1) Amblyopia (1) Periodontitis (1) Abnormality of the nervous system (1) Oligospermia (1) Adrenal insufficiency (1) Hyperaldosteronism (1) Abnormality of the skin (1) Lymphedema (1) Cholecystitis (1) Keratoconjunctivitis (1) Intellectual disability (1) Spastic diplegia (1) Hemiparesis (1) Meningitis (1) Cerebral hemorrhage (1) Abnormal joint morphology (1) Hepatic failure (1) Hepatocellular carcinoma (1) Intrauterine growth retardation (1) Hoarse voice (1) Dysphonia (1) Weak voice (1) Sudden cardiac death (1) Cor pulmonale (1) Tachycardia (1) Aortic valve stenosis (1) Bradycardia (1) Torsade de pointes (1) Atrioventricular block (1) Angina pectoris (1) Pancreatitis (1) Premature rupture of membranes (1) Weight loss (1) Thrombocytopenia (1) Autoimmune thrombocytopenia (1) Gastroesophageal reflux (1) Anorexia (1) Esophageal varix (1) Apnea (1) Status epilepticus (1) Subarachnoid hemorrhage (1) Memory impairment (1) Difficulty walking (1) Hyperkinetic movements (1) Alzheimer disease (1) Increased intracranial pressure (1) Colitis (1) Biliary cirrhosis (1) Hypotension (1) Vascular dilatation (1) Atherosclerosis (1) Osteoarthritis (1) Tachypnea (1) Hypoventilation (1) Myelodysplasia (1) Neoplasm of the liver (1) Hypokalemia (1) Hyponatremia (1) Hyperphosphatemia (1) Reduced factor VIII activity (1) Skeletal muscle atrophy (1) Myalgia (1) Muscular dystrophy (1) Neonatal death (1) Increased body weight (1) Neoplasm of the nervous system (1) Malnutrition (1) Thrombophlebitis (1) Ventricular tachycardia (1) Acute myeloid leukemia (1) Dilatation of the cerebral artery (1) Knee osteoarthritis (1) Monoclonal immunoglobulin M proteinemia (1) Intraalveolar phospholipid accumulation (1) Neoplasm of the stomach (1) Neoplasm of the genitourinary tract (1) Neoplasm of the skin (1) Female infertility (1) Benign prostatic hyperplasia (1) Hip osteoarthritis (1) Renal neoplasm (1) Uterine neoplasm (1) Testicular neoplasm (1) Intestinal atresia (1) Tonsillitis (1) Inflammatory abnormality of the skin (1) Placental abruption (1) Postprandial hyperglycemia (1) Endometrial carcinoma (1) Erythroid hypoplasia (1) Asterixis (1) Glioblastoma multiforme (1) B-cell lymphoma (1) Ciliary dyskinesia (1) Morphea (1) Allergy (1) Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (1) Retinal vein occlusion (1) Heart block (1) Dyspareunia (1) Ductal carcinoma in situ (1) Endometriosis (1) Cardiogenic shock (1) Vulvar neoplasm (1) Addictive behavior (1) Femur fracture (1) Neonatal sepsis (1) Glue ear (1) Neoplasm of the central nervous system (1) Abnormality of movement (1) Ulcerative colitis (1) Crohn's disease (1) Endocarditis (1) Toxemia of pregnancy (1) Neoplasm of the larynx (1) Ovarian neoplasm (1) Vaginal neoplasm (1) Cellulitis (1) Bulimia (1) Atelectasis (1) Esophageal neoplasm (1) Lymphocytosis (1) Polymenorrhea (1)

    HP:0000717: Autism

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    Correlated Drug Terms (7)

    Name (Synonyms) Correlation
    drug1153 Emotional Support Plan Wiki 0.71
    drug1672 Interview by psychologists Wiki 0.71
    drug3947 placebo rinse Wiki 0.71
    Name (Synonyms) Correlation
    drug544 CD24Fc Wiki 0.71
    drug550 CHX0.12+CPC0.05 oral rinse (PerioAidActive Control) Wiki 0.71
    drug958 Daily Monitoring Wiki 0.71
    drug2448 Placebo Wiki 0.03

    Correlated MeSH Terms (7)

    Name (Synonyms) Correlation
    D002659 Child Development Disorders, Pervasive NIH 1.00
    D001321 Autistic Disorder NIH 0.82
    D000067877 Autism Spectrum Disorder NIH 0.71
    Name (Synonyms) Correlation
    D006948 Hyperkinesis NIH 0.71
    D001289 Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity NIH 0.41
    D004194 Disease NIH 0.14
    D013315 Stress, Psychological NIH 0.13

    Correlated HPO Terms (3)

    Name (Synonyms) Correlation
    HP:0000729 Autistic behavior HPO 0.82
    HP:0002487 Hyperkinetic movements HPO 0.71
    HP:0007018 Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder HPO 0.41

    Clinical Trials

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    There are 2 clinical trials

    1 Clinical Evolution and Parenting in Children and Adolescents With Autism Spectrum Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Quarantined Because of Covid-19 Outbreak

    In response to the coronavirus disease 2019 (covid-19) outbreak, the home confinement of the population ordered by governments in many countries raise questions about its impact on individuals' physical and mental health in the short and longer term. In children, reduced physical activity, changes in lifestyle, disturbances in sleep patterns, lack of in-person contact with peers, poor or inadequate understanding of health risks may be risk factors of anxiety, stress, fatigue, sleep disorders (Brooks et al, 2020; Wang et al, 2020; Sprang et al, 2013). These problematic effects could be modulated by social factors (housing in urban or rural areas, availability of personal space at home, parenting stress, etc.) (Cluver et al, 2020; Liu et al, 2020).

    1. Autism Spectrum Disorder
    2. Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    1. Other: Interview by psychologists
    MeSH:Hyperkinesis Disease Autistic Disorder Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity Autism Spectrum Disorder Child Development Disorders, Pervasive
    HPO:Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Autism Autistic behavior Hyperactivity Hyperkinetic movements

    Primary Outcomes

    Description: composition, home confinement, change in the environment, personal room at home, screens with internet access, parents' current professional status, teleworking, care, family concerns related to Covid-19, parenting stress, schooling, recurrent complaints.

    Measure: Interview of the parents : contextual data

    Time: Baseline

    Description: related to education; related to daily family life; related to leisure, related to care (children/adolescents, parents)

    Measure: Interview of the children/adolescents/ parents : Experience of the confinement in general

    Time: Baseline

    Description: related to education; related to daily family life; related to leisure, related to care (children/adolescents, parents)

    Measure: Interview of the children/adolescents/ parents : Experience of the confinement in general

    Time: 1 month

    Description: related to education; related to daily family life; related to leisure, related to care (children/adolescents, parents)

    Measure: Interview of the children/adolescents/ parents : Experience of the confinement in general

    Time: 3 months

    Description: Data relating to disease and management of care. Experience of the referring caregiver.

    Measure: Interview of the referring caregiver : data relating to disease and management of care

    Time: 3 months
    2 ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Telehealth for Distress Related to COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease)

    The purpose of this study is to evaluate the feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness of a brief, telehealth intervention (the Emotional Support Plan), intended to support autistic adults to cope with their negative emotions during and/or after the COVID-19 pandemic. The first objective is to develop and refine a brief telehealth-delivered treatment, the Emotional Support Plan (ESP), to help promote adults to cope during periods of acute distress, such as those experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. The second objective is to assess the feasibility and effectiveness of the ESP to support autistic adults to implement emotion regulation strategies during periods of acute distress. The last objective is to yield preliminary data to apply for extramural grants to validate these methods to monitor and support mental health of autistic adults during key transitions (e.g., starting college).

    1. Psychological Distress
    2. Stress, Psychological
    3. Autism Spectrum Disorder
    1. Behavioral: Emotional Support Plan
    2. Behavioral: Daily Monitoring
    MeSH:Autistic Disorder Autism Spectrum D Autism Spectrum Disorder Child Development Disorders, Pervasive Stress, Psychological
    HPO:Autism Autistic behavior

    Primary Outcomes

    Description: The PHQ-9, assessed weekly, is a 9-item questionnaire of psychological function over the past week with all items on a "0" (not at all) to "3" (nearly every day) scale. Higher scores equal more distress.

    Measure: Decreased distress on Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9)

    Time: 8 week study period

    Description: EMA (Ecological Momentary Assessment) reports of decreased distress (in ESP + daily monitoring group only). Higher scores on the item equal higher levels of distress.

    Measure: Decreased distress on EMA reports

    Time: 8 week study period

    Description: The GAD-7, assessed weekly, is a 7-item questionnaire of anxiety symptoms over the past week with all items on a "0" (not at all) to "3" (nearly every day) scale. Higher scores equal more anxiety.

    Measure: Decreased anxiety symptoms on the Generalized Anxiety Disorder Questionnaire (GAD-7)

    Time: 8 week study period

    Secondary Outcomes

    Description: The ASR is a measure of adaptive functioning and psychopathology (e.g., anxiety, depression symptoms). Most of the items are on a 3 point scale including: (0) Not true, (1) Somewhat or sometimes true, and (2) Very often or often true.

    Measure: Adult Self Report (ASR)

    Time: 8 week study period

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