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drug2426 ResCure™ Wiki 1.00
drug3156 Zithromax Oral Product Wiki 1.00
drug1284 Hydroxychloroquine Wiki 0.10

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D003141 Communicable Diseases NIH 0.08
D011014 Pneumonia NIH 0.06
D007239 Infection NIH 0.05
D045169 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome NIH 0.05
D018352 Coronavirus Infections NIH 0.04

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HP:0002090 Pneumonia HPO 0.06

There is one clinical trial.

Clinical Trials

1 An Open-Label, Single-Arm, Phase II Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Oral Hydroxychloroquine, Indomethacin and Zithromax in Subjects Positive With SARS-CoV-2 With Mild Symptoms

Currently there are no US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved drugs specifically for the treatment of patients with COVID-19. At present, clinical management includes infection prevention and control measures, as well as supportive care, including supplementary oxygen and mechanical ventilatory support when indicated. An array of drugs approved for other indications as well as several investigational drugs are being studied in several hundred clinical trials that are underway across the globe; however, currently there are no clinical trials available to patients in Arizona. This study will determine if a specific drug cocktail can improve clinical outcomes in patients with confirmed Mild SARS-CoV-2

NCT04344457 COVID-19 Drug: Hydroxychloroquine Drug: Indomethacin Drug: Zithromax Oral Product

Primary Outcomes

Description: measured by time (days) required from initiation of treatment to improvement of clinical status from mild to symptom free

Measure: Improvement of clinical status

Time: up to 28 days

Secondary Outcomes

Description: the time of normalization of fever as measured by daily temperature ( - ≤36.6°C or -axilla, ≤37.2 °C oral or ≤37.8°C rectal or tympanic)

Measure: Time of clinical recovery of fever

Time: up to 15 days

Description: the time of alleviation of cough as measured by self reported visual analog scale (VAS) cough scale. 1=no cough, 2-3=cough sometimes, 4-6=have a cough but can still do things, 7-8=persistent cough, prevents from doing things, 9-10=cough presents a great deal of discomfort

Measure: Time of clinical recovery of cough

Time: up to 28 days

Description: to determine the safety of these therapies in combination

Measure: Safety as determined by changes in QTC intervals measured by ECG

Time: up to 15 days

Description: to assess the presence or absence of side effects and whether they are tolerable

Measure: Safety as determined by presence of side effects

Time: up to 15 days

Description: improvement in Wisconsin Upper Respiratory Symptom Survey (WURSS-44) 0 to 7 scale, with 0 = Do not have, 1 = Very mild, 3 = Mild, 5 = Moderate, 7 = Severe

Measure: Time to improvement

Time: up to 28 days

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