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Report for Clinical Trial NCT03226223

Developed by Shray Alag, 2020.
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Using Pharmacogenetics to Better Evaluate Naltrexone for Treating Stimulant Abuse

This investigation will be the first study assessing genetic modulation of naltrexone's NTX effects upon the abuse liability of a stimulant drug (methamphetamine). The study team will assess the ability of oral NTX to block the reinforcing and positive subjective effects of intranasal (IN) methamphetamine (30mg/70kg). This investigation could identify an important Gene x Pharmacological interaction, contributing to the personalization of stimulant abuse pharmacotherapy.

NCT03226223 Substance Use Disorders Methamphetamine Abuse
MeSH:Substance-Related Disorders

1 Interventions

Name: Intranasal Methamphetamine

Description: Intranasal Methamphetamine HCL administered at a dose of 30mg per 70 kg of the participants' body weight)
Type: Drug
Group Labels: 2

Naltrexone 0 mg Naltrexone 50 mg

Primary Outcomes

Description: To assess the reinforcing effects of methamphetamine, participants complete a drug vs. money self-administration procedure. The outcome measure for this procedure is their percentage of choices for drug (methamphetamine) choices.

Measure: Percentage of methamphetamine choices.

Time: 1 day.

Secondary Outcomes

Description: Participant ratings of methamphetamine "Liking," on a 100 mm visual analog scale. Participants are asked to indicate on a 100 mm line the extent to which they agree with the description of the drug provided. The 0 mm end of the line indicates "Not at All," while the 100 mm indicates "Extremely."

Measure: Positive subjective effects of methamphetamine.

Time: 1 day

Purpose: Basic Science

Allocation: Randomized

Crossover Assignment

There is one SNP


1 rs1799971

Substance Use Disorders Methamphetamine Abuse Substance-Related Disorders A recent meta-analysis concluded that the OPRM1 A118G SNP (rs1799971) significantly moderates the treatment efficacy of Naltrexone (NTX) in treating alcohol abuse, increasing the treatment efficacy by over 2-fold among G-allele carriers (AG/GG).

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