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Clinical Trial MeSH HPO Drug Gene SNP Protein Mutation

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Name (Synonyms) Correlation
drug1002 Glycine Wiki 1.00

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Name (Synonyms) Correlation
D011024 Pneumonia, Viral NIH 0.13
D012128 Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Adult NIH 0.09
D011014 Pneumonia NIH 0.06
D045169 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome NIH 0.05
D018352 Coronavirus Infections NIH 0.04

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HP:0002090 Pneumonia HPO 0.06

There is one clinical trial.

Clinical Trials

1 Plasma From Donors Recovered From New Coronavirus 2019 As Therapy For Critical Patients With Covid-19

The outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), has become pandemic. To date, no specific treatment has been proven to be effective. Promising results were obtained in China using Hyperimmune plasma from patients recovered from the disease.The investigators plan to treat critical Covid-19 patients with hyperimmune plasma.

NCT04321421 COVID-19 Other: hyperimmune plasma

Primary Outcomes

Description: death from any cause

Measure: death

Time: within 7 days

Secondary Outcomes

Description: days since intubation

Measure: time to extubation

Time: within 7 days

Description: days from entry to exit from ICU

Measure: length of intensive care unit stay

Time: within 7 days

Description: days since CPAP initiation

Measure: time to CPAP weaning

Time: within 7 days

Description: naso-pharyngeal swab, sputum and BAL

Measure: viral load

Time: at days 1, 3 and 7

Description: neutralizing title

Measure: immune response

Time: at days 1, 3 and 7

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